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No matter the client, we've found that there is really no such thing as a "typical system". We see each of our customers as an entirely new opportunity to maximize efficiencies and better define the benefits of our products. This is why when our customers look into a Point Of Sale system, we ask that they contact us directly.

The AccuPOS Retail point of sale software product is America's leading Windows-based point of sale solution. Featuring a seamless integration with America's most-used small business accounting systems - namely, BusinessWorks, Peachtree and QuickBooks - small to medium retailers benefit from a comprehensive yet simple system which does not require intensive training. In effect, transactions are
entered fully and completely into your accounting software.

Works Like A Conventional Cash Register

The AccuPOS Retail point of sale system was designed specifically to work exactly like a conventional cash register. This means that permitted users can collect sales data using either a simple handheld scanner, a touch-screen or with using a manual code entry system. All transactions are entered and recorded quickly and efficiently. Then, at the end of each business day, your accounting software can be updated automatically with all of your sales and transaction details, including:

1. Individual detailed sales receipts for all customer-known cash transactions
2. Individual, detailed sales receipts for all customer account transactions taken during the day. All details are then added to your Accounts Receivables
3. A complete sales summary of all cash transactions where the customer is unknown.

Once transactions are posted from AccuPOS Retail to your accounting system, the following actions are then taken:

  • Item totals are updated individually according to what AccuPOS has listed as sold, and for what price the item was sold for.
  • All inventory quantities are adjusted according to the total number of individual items sold compared with those left on hand.
  • Sales and customer accounts are updated accordingly.
  • Any payments collected as cash are posted to your undeposited funds column.

The real advantage of AccuPOS Retail over other competing products is that it quickly and efficiently posts and processes sales directly to your financial accounting software as if you were making entries direct to the software. You never have to re-enter anything, and your accounting software is always completely up-to-date.

AccuPOS Retail



AccuPOS Retail $595.00 $795.00 $995.00
Each additional station $350.00 $350.00 $350.00
Annual support cost $249.00 $249.00 $249.00
As easy as a Cash Register YES YES YES

Supports Deli and Produce Scales

Track Customers NO YES YES
Interface with Credit Card processing NO YES YES
Interface with Bar Code printing NO YES YES
Suspend Sales NO NO YES
Touch Screen is Macro Programmable NO NO YES
Support Food Stamps as a tender type NO NO YES

Minimum requirements for AccuPOS Retail software:
Windows Based, IBM Compatible PC with 266MHZ CPU, at least 64MB of RAM, and Microsoft Windows 98 or later OS.

To download a demonstration copy, please click here. We also encourage you to contact us about your store's needs today. Our knowledgeable sales staff are always pleased to answer your questions, or provide you with a system quote.

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