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POS Software Windows

In all categories of small business software currently available on the Web, there have been very few to match the innovation of POS software for Windows. Even 10 years ago, retailers had to cope with entering UPC codes in order to run simple items at time of transaction.

With the mass availability of Windows PCs however, managing point of sale transactions is easier than ever. Point Of Sale Plus has offered POS software for Windows for over 10 years, and has offered POS systems to retailers across a wide variety of sectors. Our experience can help you to move on from older manual cash register based systems. Moving on comes with a number of benefits.

Immediate Accounting

For many small retailers, the accounting process is a repetitive and strenuous activity which must be performed continually throughout the year. One of the great benefits of the point of sale software Windows POS system is that it can be mated with popular accounting software products such as QuickBooks and Peachtree. This integration enables our small retailer clients to record transactions not only in the POS, but in their accounting system in either real-time or batch formats. No longer is it necessary for retailers to account for items manually or record transactions using antiquated systems. Instead, all work is done at the point of sale, ensuring that small business managers can do what they do best: managing the business.

Inventory Control Precision

One of the bonus benefits of the Point Of Sale Plus POS software system for Windows is that inventory can be controlled with incredibly precise results. For many years, retailers and relied on year-end counts in order to determine what product has been lost because of shrinkage, or damage.

With Point Of Sale Plus, and the ACCUPOS business management software system, inventory can be managed on a daily basis, ensuring that shrinkage is spotted immediately. Not only does this decrease employee shrinkage dramatically, it also can help manage repeat offenses, as well as provide a psychological deterrent. When employees know that every transaction is being tracked, and that every product is being watched, there temptation to remove product is highly decreased. Keeping your inventory and profits safe is a key benefit of the Point Of Sale Plus ACCUPOS system.

Free Windows POS Software Demo

Because our Point Of Sale cash register software system runs on Windows, it can be freely downloaded and tried on virtually any PC made within the past five years. Trying it out for yourself is as simple as filling out a form, and downloading the software directly from the Internet.

We encourage all potential clients to try the Point Of Sale Plus software system, if only because it sells itself. Once you install it, you'll see the dramatic ease of use the product ads, and may be able to determine just how you can adapt it to your business.

We also invite any questions or concerns you may have with adopting a computerized POS software system. Our sales representatives have several years of experience installing and adapting point of sale systems to small retailers. Let our expertise be your guide.

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