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Inventory Control for QuickBooks - AccuCount

It's an arduous task. To put it nicely, it is a "necessary evil" in retailing. It's the inventory count, a must-do that can take hours of labor and even force you to close your shop for hours, or even days. Thanks to AccuCount Inventory Control, however, inventory no longer need be a problem. With it, QuickBooks users gain new efficiencies and save multiple hours on their counts, guaranteed!

With AccuCount Inventory Control, you can adjust either your entire or partial inventory counts within your QuickBooks accounting system with the help of little other than a portable handheld scanner which you probably already use everyday. The system is extremely easy to use. All you need do is:

Scan your physical inventory items with your portable scanner Open the AccuCount Inventory control program, compare your physical inventory count to your count in QuickBooks, and decide what to update. It's that easy!

AccuCount then automatically generates a QuickBooks-ready IIF file, that adjusts the inventory counts on all of the items you have already specified to adjust. All specified on-hand counts are adjusted, and then your adjustment account is updated.

Bottom line, AccuCount Inventory quickly processes and posts required inventory adjustments directly to your QuickBooks system. There is never a need to re-enter details. With this tool, some of our customers have reported completing their inventory counts more than 50% faster than without AccuCount!

A full license of AccuCount Inventory is only $595. A solid investment, when you consider that inventory savings for a single year will pay for the license right away!

AccuCount Computer Requirements
266 MHZ Pentium Class CPU in IBM-compatible PC 64-128MB Ram minimum Microsoft Windows 98 or later

Request a demo of AccuCount here.

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