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About Point Of Sale Plus

Point Of Sale Plus (POS Plus) is a distributor of point of sale software and system solutions serving merchants throughout the United States of America. Our parent company is Attitude POSitive, a Los Angeles California POS software developer responsible for the AccuPOS Retail program, which seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, Peachtree and BusinessWorks accounting systems. This easy integration is particularly beneficial to merchants because there is no need to learn countless new features in order to operate the system. Basically, if you can operate your accounting program, you can operate AccuPOS Retail.

AccuPOS Retail Product History
With a development track record in accounting software lasting over 20 years, the team at Attitude POSitive realized in the mid 1990s that while the accounting software market was quickly consolidating - with three main players picking up the majority of market share - the point of sale market was still poorly addressed by these players. Attitude POSitive honed its focus to address this niche, which included not only point of sale systems, but software as well. Thus, AccuPOS Retail was born.

AccuPOS Retail was created specifically to seamlessly integrate with the US market's most popular accounting programs, namely QuickBooks, Peachtree and BusinessWorks. With this seamless integration comes a product which requires very little training in order to install and use. This is extremely important to AccuPOS Retail users, as they tend to be small business owners who already work long hours, and have little time to learn the numerous complicated feature sets of some competing products.

Ease Of Use - The Key AccuPOS Benefit
Built with a true accounting software interface, AccuPOS Retail has quickly become America's simplest, most efficient point of sale system available. And, when equipped with AccuCount Inventory, which greatly quickens the pace of physical inventory counts, and AccuPrint, a flexible module for remote printing, AccuPOS Retail creates new efficiencies in your business which not only save time, but labor costs as well.

We encourage you to request a demonstration copy of our POS software by clicking here. If you would like to contact a Point Of Sale Plus representative to discuss your business' point of sale needs, please click here.

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